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How would I do this? (set yard elevations in model)

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Hi -

I have a deck which I designed in VW 8 and built on my home.

At the time, before building, I used a water level and determined deck height above the yard at certain corners.

The illustration shows what these heights are - I'm wondering if anyone can give advice on what might be the best way to create a reasonable ground model which (obviously) has elevation points matching those shown in this illustration, which is in a perspective view just for clarity...




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1) Set 3D Loci at end points

2) connect Loci with 3D Poly to create surfaces

3) Extrude 3dPoly to depth as required

4) Assign Class attributes

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Hi EJ-

thanks - quick question though.

If I extrude the 3d polys, won't they be stepped at their edges?



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Oh - hang on.

I'm not sure I explained what I'm looking for, or not sure I understood what you said -

I don't need to created the polys you see here (the tan ones) - each one of these existing objects are level, and I want to set the terrain heights -below- each corner, measured from the elevation of the deck (shown).



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If you place 3d loci at the control points and elevations, and turn on the snap to object constraint, you can draw the 3d poly's with the 3d polygon tool. I don't know why you would need to extrude.

Also v 8 has a dtm feature. Vastly improved in later versions but I remember it, however vaguely, in v 8. This would be the alternative means.

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