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  1. Thanks - I'll take a look. That said, I think I have some tutorial work ahead of me... cheers Andrew
  2. Hi everyone, Haven't used Vectorworks in years, but we've reinstalled as my daughter is getting interested in interior design. Anyway, we want to try to model our house, but I'm not sure how to build our main roof - it's two offset saltboxes with high walls to the back of the house... Here's an image... any help appreciated! thanks, Andrew
  3. Hi Kevin - thanks - I actually tried that first; maybe I didn't have the instrument aimed properly. Will try again. Cheers, Andrew
  4. Hi all- Can anyone point me to a tutorial to getting the photogrid to work? I've tried a bunch of different things. Ultimately, I'd like to use an .ies see the results on the grid... I can get everything in place and see that the light is working properly when I render the floor... however, no changes appear in the photogrid. thanks, Andrew
  5. Thanks guys - Much appreciated. I just need to find a way to make the drop ceiling look like a drop ceiling... cheers. Andrew
  6. I wonder if I could create a wall in the shape of the ceiling, insert the light object(s), then somehow convert the wall and flop it over 90 degrees to become a ceiling?
  7. Hi Peter, and thanks.. But would I be able to insert a symbol of a recessed fixture (or vent, or whatever into some type of ceiling object and have it break the way a wall would? For the ceiling grid.. I'm assuming, then, I'd have to model it or use a scaled texture? Maybe cumbersome but I'd like to find out how to do it. Cheers, Andrew
  8. Hi all, Getting back into VW after some time away. Just hobby stuff so I'm not using it every day... Anyway, can anyone recommend best practices for creating (relatively generic) ceilings? Besides a "standard" ceiling, I'd like to be able to create a convincing drop ceiling grid as well as know how to create recessed lights in a standard ceiling. Any help greatly appreciated! thank you, Andrew
  9. A while back I purchased the "Super Bundle" with the training CDs... found a bunch of errors and contacted NNA and was informed the CDs would be re-released in September. I looked around and couldn't find much... just wondering if there has been any word on this! thx Andrew
  10. Oh - hang on. I'm not sure I explained what I'm looking for, or not sure I understood what you said - I don't need to created the polys you see here (the tan ones) - each one of these existing objects are level, and I want to set the terrain heights -below- each corner, measured from the elevation of the deck (shown). Thanks- Andrew
  11. Hi - I think I did the same thing. Silly, but you have to use the duplicate symbol in wall tool... Andrew
  12. Jonathan- I took a look at the demo on your site - Though the text says V12, the cover of the demo text says v11... Please advise- thx Andrew
  13. Hi.. ah... "G". Ok - I'll go with #1, then. I don't remember the specific errors but one was a procedure in which we are instructed to copy an element from a provided file and paste it into place; however, the scales are different, and the procedure doesn't work. I'm guessing that's one of them? The next few errors were also basically right in the beginning of CD #2 (Architect) and I gave up after a few, and being told that they would be replaced in September. I'll go back and try again, and take your word for now that the three errors I experienced are indeed the only ones. One other functional note - the player is kinda awful, at least on a Mac. Pausing and then playing sections often resulted in audio drop-out; I'm thinking that while the interactivity is nice, a quicktime video would work much more smoothly. Thanks, Andrew
  14. Ok, hold on. I got the "Super Bundle" (student) specifically because of the training CDs, and more importantly, for the architectural ones. The first one is ok, but the second - at least, as far as I got into it - is riddled with errors. If you call NNA they will confirm the errors/discrepancies and tell you they will be re-released in September. As far as helping yourself, well, that's also something one can do with manuals and forums Based on the errors in the tutorials and the "odd things" v12 is currently doing, I'm considering a return until things are smoothed out. cheers, Andrew


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