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Usefull Python code

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Adding this to your script will display the time it took to run.

import time
startTime = time.time()

#your code here

executionTime = (time.time() - startTime)
vs.AlrtDialog('Execution time in seconds: ' + str(executionTime))



Use this to use a list to elimimate options from another list

OmitList =['name1','name2','name3', 'name4','name5'] #replace name# with names of items to skip

for List2 in reversed(range(1,List2+1)): #List2 is the list of items you wish to process. Remove Reversed() to step through list in order.
	if any(item == vs.GetName(List2) for item in OmitList): #if name of List2 item matches name in OmitList it will result in True 
		continue #skip rest of script for this item and continue to next item in List2
	#Insert script to execute if name is not in OmitList.  


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