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GPU - ray tracing, does VW utilize? & NVIDIA RTX A series utilization


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Do the ray tracing cores in the NVIDIA GPUs on the market improve the Vectorworks performance? Or are we simply aiming for higher levels of discrete VRAM (or both)?

Not rendering video, scenes or walk throughs. Only want quick response to redraws of viewports and hidden line modes when viewing, panning, zooming, rotating 3d structural assemblies.


Are the newer NVIDIA RTX A series a marked improvement over the Turing series? Would it be a waste of $$ to invest in a RTX A5000 or RTX A4000 over say the RTX A2000 or RTX5000?


Searching for a new a Win laptop that can drive a second and maybe a third monitor to replace our old 2012 27" iMac.

I am led to understand the MacBook Pros run very hot when they drive external monitors and the rest of the office is using desktop workstations on Win10.

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