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Execute code after selecting an object


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Hi all

I would like to create a code that is executed when an object is selected. Optimally it would be any object, determined by its name, but if it's easier it could be a PIO.

Is this possible (only in Python) and if so are there any examples?

Thanks in advance for the answers.

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Python is a runtime language, so you’re not able to have any sort of listeners that can respond to various events. 
An event enabled plug-in object is going to raise the WidgetPrep event when it’s selected, though it will also raise that event any time you change a parameter. 
You can develop an SDK module (using c++) that responds to selection changes. 

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The process is not particularly easy, especially if you're not already familiar with compiling applications with Xcode or Visual Studio. It's probably not worth while if the automation is for a single user.


You can, in theory, call a python script from an SDK plug-in, though once you have it figured out coding directly with the SDK had a lot of advantages.


Would you mind sharing more about what exactly you would like to automate? That could help us direct you to another possible solution.

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