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Change the values of attributes saved in the Saved View


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Dear Developers,


is there a way in SDK to update the values of attributes of the Saved View? E.g. there is a Saved View by the name of "Saved View 1", saved in the currently opened .vwx file, which has the saved Zoom of 25%. We would like to change the Zoom for this saved view to 50%.


There is an option with ISDK::EditSavedViewWithUI, but this is not what we want. We would need to do it at the background, without any dialogs popping out.


Thanks in advance,


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But as far I understood, I can only use those variables with ISDK::SetObjectVariable and ISDK::GetObjectVariable.


And the following:

gSDK->SetObjectVariable(saveViewNodeHdl, ovSheetSaveZoomPan, TVariableBlock((Boolean)true));


doesn't save the current Zoom value to the Saved View itself.

It only sets whether the Zoom value which was originally saved for this Saved View, will be restored the next time when this Saved View will be activated.


Or am I missing something?

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