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Hey Victoria,


A couple thoughts I have on approaching this chair.  


1 - Do you have the chair itself?  If so you can make very exact measurements which will help a lot, otherwise you will have to make some estimations and guesses based on the look and the dimensions that you do have. 


2 - Do you need to do a construction drawing of it or just get the "look" if you know what I mean.  There are slightly different approaches that take different amounts of time.


3 - I would break down the pieces based on symmetry first. For example 2 front legs are the same, and the 2 back legs are the same.  So you build each of those once and then place them and mirror them to the other side.  


4 - Also you are looking at a symmetrical shape for the seat and the backing so I would immediately plan on cutting the chair in half and building half and mirror them.  The seat should be pretty simple construction.  Then you can create the more organic shaping using the subdivision tool.  I imagine you will be able to find some tutorials online but it is pretty useful and working with more organic shapes in general.


5 - Then you will want to make sure the parts are separate so you can apply different textures to the cushion vs the back and the legs.

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Guest Wes Gardner

@Victoria Rachel Interiors  a question to add to Dendecko's very nice explanation...do you have experience modeling in other programs such as Rhino? Also the point of cutting the chair (or any object for that matter) in half and then mirroring the modeled geometry to complete the object is definitely the strategy!


Good luck and have some fun!


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