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  1. Good idea - I have not tried this but will. Thanks! Boh and Tom W. I tried all of your suggestions. Boh, I used the coordinate inputs in the OIP to make sure to the .000 that they were aligned. This worked so that I now know they are perfectly. I think this may be a bug. The walls that are the same wall style join successfully however the walls with different wall type do not. for example, on my model, the top and the balcony railing height wall components are different than the wall style in the typical 2x6 wall style I use. On the parapet and the balcony both side use plywood sheathing whereas the regular wall style has plywood sheathing outside and drywall components. This makes the wall thickness an 1/8" off. I don't know why this would matter because I'm still aligning the exterior faces so they are stacked perfectly to that outer face. This is probably TMI but I thought you both may be interested.....I'm going to contact VW support. Thanks again!
  2. Good idea - I have not tried this but will. Thanks!
  3. I don't think there is a reason. It seems like they do snap and I've tried different methods to align them. I either drag them from the center as you suggested or I'll move them totally off of the wall 'm trying to snap to, measure the distance back to the wall and move it back using that distance and it seems that they stack. As for the alignment, I know I can use the OIP to manually align but it gets tedious. I often wonder why some will align from layer to layer but many do not. I'm sure theres a setting I'm missing, Thanks for your thoughts, apricate it.
  4. I'm having similar issues with my hatches aligning from floor to floor. Both from side to side and up/down. I tried the 'Use World Z Origin' but it didn't really align anything, just moved them all slightly. You can see this in both the Open GL and the hidden line render. I'm also having an issue with lines appearing where the walls from floor to floor or side to side still show. See attached pic with red arrows showing the issues. I have tried to make sure the walls are stacked properly but they may be .0083 off and I can't seam to make sure they are stacked perfectly. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  5. I'm on 2021 and this happens randomly from time to time. I can't figure out why it happens sometimes and not others. I'm on Windows 10. Very frustrating. Looking at this form post it seems like a known issue for many years.
  6. Hi all - 'm trying to place two 10x12" vent louvers in an overhead garage door, in the bottom panel on the left and right of the door. I see there is a louver section in the settings but I can't get two vents where I want them....Any help is appreciated.
  7. Have you tried contacting the manufacturer - maybe they have the model you could use - could save a lot of time. Just a thought.
  8. @Andy Broomell THANK YOU!!!!! This is exactly what I was looking for.
  9. My Edit Viewport dialogue box disappeared on me one day, probably some accidental keystrokes turned it off. I used to be able to double-click a viewport and a dialogue box would appear asking what part of the viewport I wanted to edit: Design Layer, Crop, or the Annotation, etc. I can't find the toggle to get it back. In the dialogue box it asks what a double click should do. Now I have to right click and select what I want to to do. I looked in the Advanced Properties..... in the Object Info Box and can't find anything in their either. Does anyone know how to bring the dialogue box back when I double click on VP? Help.
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