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Snapping behaviour in tools?

Stefan Bender

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Dear developers,


depending on the activated snapping modes, VW displays horizontal or vertical guidelines starting at the cursor position along with the preview of the window while our window tool is in insert mode.
However, as soon as the cursor is over a wall, these guidelines disappear.

We noticed that VW window still does show a guideline along the wall when the cursor is over a wall so we would like to have the same behavior.

How can we make the cursor display these guidelines, too? Is it some special flag or call we need to make somewhere? Or do the guidelines disappear as side effect of some SDK call?


Thanks for any help,

Stefan Bender

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

A great example of a shortfall in user experience. I would think this should not be a job for the Window tool. I would expect this be a fix in for the main application/SDK to make. I will look for a way to get hold of the CW Window tool. Or, @Vlado, Perhaps we can find a sample tool that shows the same behavior

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Not sure if it helps, but we had something alike several years ago, and the reason for it was that we adjusted our dashed preview when the user hoovered over a wall (for example, for some configurations, the frame should use the same thickness of its parent wall, so when the user hoovered over that wall, dashed preview was adjusted so the frame got the same thickness as the wall). Is see in your video that your dashed preview does change too when the user hovers over the wall (and at that moment, that red dashed line is gone too).

We had to take the code that adjusted the object while hoovering over the wall out to fix the issue. I had a look in our repository but I couldn't find the fix anymore.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Thanks for the insight Maarten. We can look at CallDefaultTool mechanism if this turns out to be the issue. @Stefan Bender We may need to get hold of the Window and the info that lets us run in debug mode. Perhaps this info and attachments are attached to a previous build? Anyway, thanks for digging in on this.

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