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VWX2021: Soft Goods export is often incorrect and cannot be configured


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Tested with Collada and FBX:

Exporting "Soft Goods" produces a single-sided mesh with a single-sided material.


This means my drape is often invisible from the actual front when imported into 3D applications (tested with Blender, ETC Augment3d & MA3D), while it is visible from the 'back'.


However, I cannot find any way within VWX to either visualise or define which side of my soft goods is the 'front', or to specify that they should be exported double-sided.


How do I specify which side of the drape is the front, or (better) that a particular drape should be exported double-sided?


The closest thing to a workaround I've found is to export it, import it, then either rotate it 180deg or redraw it but starting from the other end if it's wrong.
This is really slow and tedious, and doesn't work for drape that I need to be double-sided.



Collada and FBX do not officially support specifying a mesh or material as double-sided, so for maximum compatibility any double-sided meshes should be exported twice, once facing each direction.
There is however a Collada material extension "double_sided", this is not part of the ISO standard but is widely supported (eg used by Google Earth)

I am not aware of any equivalent for FBX.

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