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problem with Prolyte H30V locus points?

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Having trouble building a box in H30V with an x in center! I can't get it to be one structural element, is the problem my program or is it the truss symbol that is made wrong? If so why can't I find any topic with that problem? It seems to be of in the corners but if I only do a calc on a box without the X it works

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I had a quick look at your file and as far as I can see the issue is the H30V C017 corner has the wrong dimensions in the geometry pane of its Truss properties, by default it is display L1 as 710mm and it should be 713mm. I'll get a bug report into the content team to have the symbol corrected in the default libraries


In the mean time to fix this in your current file

right click on one of the H30V C017 truss corners and select 'Customise truss symbol data' from the context menu

this will open the truss properties dialogue

in the geometry pane change the contents of the L1 field to 713

hit ok to exit


this will correct the symbols definition. You will need to rebuild the truss system to get everything correctly lined up (if you look closely you can see the the cross corner in the center is not correctly lined up with most of the straight truss sections)

Also make sure to save the symbol into your user or workgroup folder so you don't have to fix it again for future projects.



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