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Stretch centre of a unit


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I'm a newbie here as I'm moving from Autocad and Sketchup to VW and I have some (probably basic) questions.

In Autocad, I made dynamic block for the kitchen units  I make, and I could stretch them without distortion by entering a width.

If I simply use the reshape tool, the overall scale alters whereas I need to stretch a set part of a pre-made unit elevation.

Manipulating 3D will come later.

I can't get my head around the Marionette tool, but I feel this may hold the answer.

Can anybody help, or are there any downloadable pre-made marionettes?

Looking forward to any advise aimed at a new VW novice.


Screenshot 2021-09-03 at 3.09.22 pm.png

Screenshot 2021-09-03 at 3.12.34 pm.png

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sorry, I’ve only just been able to see this reply. I didn’t have notifications turned on!

after a bit of playing around, I had discovered this and yes, it works well for me. 
ive started building a template folder already. 
I quick question, should I keep all dims on the same design layer under a different class to keep them associate, or on a dims layer to isolate easier?

im thinking same layer, separate classes for each set of dims/notes. 
Thanks, Andy 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Dimensions can be associated from any design layer, and also from the annotation space of a viewport. If you are planning to dimension the same object in drawings at multiple scales, I would recommend putting them in the annotation space of a viewport. Otherwise, the same layer in a different class works too. It is really up to you, whatever works best for your workflow.

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Ok, thanks, I'll look over the options, but I feel a few dimension classes may work best to switch them on and off in different viewports.

Having cone from Autocad and Sketchup, I'm getting the hang of the basics fairly well, but I have several questions if I may.

1. I don't seem t be able to save my title block (and some other bits I made/downloaded) into favourites in the resource manager. I get a message "This title block borders' edge is by style...." Is this anything to do with it? It kind of works though.(1st image )

2. Does there need to be a folder in the favourites? I added an entire .vwx file into it, but I can't extract the items from a working project to put into a new "Faves" folder; it has to be the entire named file. (3rd image )

3. I have a granite image I use as a texture to draw my worktops. I draw at 1:20, but I have to scale the image every instance. Can I save a scale up version of an image?

4. How do I nest classes; ie I have 4 dimension classes I would like to sit within a top level 'dimension' class? (2nd image )

5. What does 'Activate title block' do? Update all instances in other viewports on the sheets?

6. Finally for now (sorry) If I am happy with a file/classes structure, title block, text and dimension formats, etc. with a file, can I delete all data and save the empty file as a template, and expect all the above to be inherited by a new document I make from that template? It seems like the most obvious way to get a good template foe me.


I'll look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Kind regards,


Screenshot 2021-09-09 at 2.44.03 pm.png

Screenshot 2021-09-09 at 2.43.25 pm.png

Screenshot 2021-09-09 at 2.48.36 pm.png

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

1. and 2. Styles are the way to save plug-in object resources. (plug-in objects are anything that is "smart" - has multiple parameters and settings that allow you to customize it). The title block border is plug-in object, as well things like doors and windows. A style will show up in the resource manager as a "red" symbol - the text of the name will be red. A style lives in the file it was created in. If you want to put it somewhere else, you must import it (or drag and drop it) into another file. All resources are stored within files, so your Favorites folder will contain .vwx files with resources. To add a resource to your favorites, either create a new file, import that resource into it, and save that file to your favorites, or if you already have favorites files, import resources into those existing files. I know the system is a little different than AutoCAD, but the most important thing to remember is that resources are ALWAYS stored within files, and in order to have resources available in the Resource Manager, those FILES must be saved in an accessible location like a Favorites Folder.

3. To scale the image within a texture, go to Set by Image in the texture editor and drag the bar to a certain distance along the image and then type in the distance below. For example, if you have a ceramic tile texture, you can align the bar to the length of the tile and type in the length of the tile in the box below. To edit a texture, right-click on it in the Resource Manager and choose Edit. If you like, you can create multiple textures from the same image at different scales - just duplicate and edit the copy.

4. To nest classes, put a hyphen after "Dimension" in each of the names and make sure that you classes are set to be viewed in Hierarchical Display.

5. Activate Titleblock allows it to be calculated in worksheets. Titleblocks should always be activated unless you have so many title blocks that performance is affected. And by many I mean hundreds.

6. To create a template file from a current file, simply delete the geometry in the design layers and then Save As Template. All the classes, layers, sheet layers, and resources will be in the template file when you open it.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

1. If you only want the prefix to show up as a Keynote in your drawing, the prefix should not be a part of the note. When you select the note to be placed as a Keynote you can set the appropriate prefix.

2. I believe if you save your document and then restart Vectorworks the last notes database selected will become the active database.

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I think what I'm looking for may be done with 'general notes'.


I have 5 viewports; some with a keynote and list, and some with a 'general note' added.

1.  Some add the list/keynotes in the viewport and some are outside of the viewport on the sheet (but not the design layer).

Where should they be?

2.  What class/layer should the viewport itself be placed in; 'none (class) and sheet number (layer)'?

3.  Can I access drawings for firing from a company (Hafele) for kitchen hardware, and if so how do I get and save them? I guess the save bit is simply adding the file with them in to my favourites in the resource manager.


And I found placing the dimensions and notes on the sheet later-annotations level keeps the design layer super clean for me, and the cloud works very well.

Your help has helped a lot; I have already submitted my first set of design drawings and had them accepted by a client. 



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I have not tried moving the Keynotes into the annotation space, but they are fine outside the viewport. As far as classing, it is up to you however you want to organize your drawing. Classes are meant as an organization tool for you and your team. If you already have dwgs of manufacturer drawings you can import them into Vectorworks and save them as symbols. You may also be able to download dwgs from the manufacturer website. As far as issues with Notes Manager, I am sorry I don't have any more ideas.

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On 1 of my MacBooks (a slightly newer one) I get this message during startup, and the MacBook randomly restarts to the login page, closing and loosing VW data if not saved, and closing VW.

I have tried restarting VW, the laptop and reinstalling VW2022.

VW2022 is working fine on the older, less powerful one, and loads smoothly.

How do I correct this, and could the 2 issues be related.

Both MacBooks are near clones of each other.


Also, I find saving and reopening a file causes callouts to randomly rearrange, or just go to N/A.

I see this is a previously mentioned issue. Is there a cause/remedy or should I just ditch the callouts.

I am syncing over both Sync.com and iCloud.

Screenshot 2021-09-21 at 8.21.10 pm.png

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