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MVR - Focus info


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I appreciate that this has been briefly discussed albeit primarily with Vision and older versions, given the gradual increase of other software implementation of MVR, it would be great if the focus of conventional fixtures was included / working. I appreciate that this should included using UUID however I’m finding that it’s not working for me when exporting from VW2021 and importing into either Depence2 or Capture.

Is this feature (focus information) fully implemented in VW and if so are there any caveats for instance do I need to use specific GDTF fixtures or can I use the generic one and morph to the correct ones on import to the pre vis software.


Many thanks. 

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Keep in mind that I only have experience with MVR and Vision, but what works for Vision might also work for Capture and Depence2.


The trick with getting focus information in to Vision is to add Focus Point objects in as part of the MVR export.  Either make sure they are selected (if your MVR settings are set to selected objects), or visible (if your MVR settings are set to visible objects) before your run the Export MVR command.  They will get their own category in the MVR export window.

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I just ran a test going from both Vectorworks 2019 and 2021 to Vision 2021 and had no problem getting focus to come across as long as the Focus Point objects were listed and checked in the Object Types box of the Export MVR File dialog box.  Also make sure that your Vision is completely up to date, I remember there recently being a bug where this functionality was broken, but as of version 26.0.4, it appears to work correctly.


My bigger problem with the MVR export is that color and gobo data doesn't come across in the export.  I have found that it's best to split my Vectorworks export into pieces. 

  • Scenery and theater architecture as MVR for the better normal and texture mapping (though I've occasionally run into an issue where texture names overlap, since the MVR export seems to rename textures to "Textr#" without regard to file)
  • Movers as MVR export for easier data reconciliation
  • Conventionals as ESC export to retain focus, color, and gobo information

I tend to like having more granular control of by Scene Graph, so having multiple layers from the exports is actually welcome.  And it prevents me from having to use Vision's awful color picker.  Seriously, can we please get a text field where we can type in something like "R26" rather than having to scroll down to Roscolux, expand it, then scroll down to the color to select it?  It's a huge drag in a large plot using multiple color manufacturers.  All the more or a bummer that we already have to enter the color and gobo information twice (once in the OIP and once in the Edit dialog) for it to even come through in the ESC export.

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