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  1. @Peter Neufeld. I actually found that turning off 'Displays have separate Spaces' dramatically helped navigation, however the lag persisted when you started to use any tools, i.e. start to draw or edit rather than just navigate / view. For the time being, the only way that I have been able to work around this is to work on a single screen, albeit there seems no difference if I use the laptop or external screen. As soon as I try to use both, I get this lag.
  2. Update from my side. As suggested earlier in the thread, turning off Spaces, significantly helped with navigation around the file, however once I got to using tools, i.e. drawing the lag was noticeable. Ultimately if I work with a single screen setup everything works fine and is as responsive as you would hope. Unfortunatly this is how I will need to continue until this issue is resolved. I did also take the matter up with support. They have confirmed that there are still issues with Sonoma 14.5, most noticeable with M Series hardware using external / multi-monitor, with M series laptops most likely to encounter the problem. Apparently the issue effects a number of applications including; Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft as well as Vectorworks. They have recommended, if possible to revert to an earlier version of Sonoma (14.3 or earlier).
  3. Morning @DomC, Thank you for the insight. Before updating to OSX 14.5 'Spaces' was always on and I never had an issue, albeit I was only on OSX14.1. My issue has only arisen since updating OSX where Vectorworks will only work for me (using duel screen) if I turn the Spaces option 'Off'. I did try moving the main window more than 3cm from the edge but it made no difference for me. As you say, an odd issue but definitely (with my setup anyway) caused by Spaces in so far as soon as I turn this off, everything works (speed wise) as expected.
  4. Hi @DomC. That spaces setting was 'On', turning it off, has allowed me to revert back to a duel screen setup. Thank you for the post and suggestion. Out of interest was it the same for yourself?
  5. I have found a significant graphics lag with VW2024 SP4 since updating from OS14.1 to 14.5 on a M1 Max MBP with a secondary screen. My work around has been to work on a single screen, rather than having tools on one screen and drawing on the other screen. Given that there appears to be a few of us having issues, I do hope that there is a fix available soon.
  6. Same issue with SP3.1 on OSX (Apple Silicon). I found though that by using another machine (OSX Intel) that was still on SP2 I could create the schematic views, then reopen the file on the SP3.1 machine and edit the views as needed. Issue appears to be just with the creation of schematic view in SP3.1
  7. Previously I found the attached video which was very useful for creating custom shaped drapes. Unfortunately I can't remember where I found it or who created it. It may help solve your question. Creating drape like objects.mp4
  8. Thanks for that Mark. It does facilitate for the desired end result.
  9. Thank you for the suggestion. As you suspected, ideally I'm looking to separate the beams overs 3 or 4 classes (if I were to use that method). Good call though.
  10. Anyone know if it is possible to have only certain 'draw beam' showing on a specific viewport / sheet layer while still showing the other lamps on the plot but not have their focus beam on? To expand further, I have a drawing with two or three specific focuses, however if I have all the beam on it becomes rather cluttered. Therefore to simplify matters and make the plan easier to read I want to create a specific Sheet Layer / viewport for each focus where only the relevant lamps have their focus beam showing. Currently the only way I can find to do this, is set the focus beams for the relevant lamps / Sheet Layer, export that as a PDF and then repeat the process for each focus. Apart from being time consuming it also means I am unable to 'Publish' the PDF's as one file. Thanks in advance.
  11. @jcogdell please could you confirm which truss libraries are being fixed. This issue sounds similar to my recent posting about issues with Prolyte H30V in 2022, I also tried Milos M290 Q, same issue. The only solution I found was to revert back to 2021.
  12. I’ve been having a lot of trouble using H30V since Magnets were included. Specifically the corners not ‘snapping’ to the desired orientation. For instance if I have C017 (T piece) and I wish to add it like a ‘hammerhead’ I.e. going left and right of the attachment point it snaps to either forward and right or forward and left. I’ve checked the magnets, doesn’t appear to be an issue here. I’m not sure if this is ‘operator error’ and I am missing some extra control element I’m unaware of or simply an issue with VW2022 / Prolyte H30V library. I’m grateful into any insight as this has become extremely frustrating given this is my normal truss of choice.
  13. @JCodgell Thank you for your detailed response to which I have one or two reply / questions; Dimmers - Primarily Avolites ART2000 / Powercube would be great also LSC and generic dimmers with Powerlock, 125A 3ph, 63A 3ph, 32A 3ph inputs Socapex-19 or 16A 1ph outs (the latter more for the generic 32A 3ph option) Is it possible for user changes to the connector options of existing items; I.e 125 > power lock, Harting > socapex-19 etc Files - I was looking and attempting to edit the application cable library files but I didn’t use the cable parts manger to edit them. I just created / modified the symbols enclosed (in each file). It would appear I may have only got half way. Could you elaborate on ‘saving as user / work-group library’? Custom cable sets - Good to know and requires further investigation on my part. That said I believe I need to get some of the basics down first, specifically the saving option as user of work-group. Lastly, it would be very useful if a video could be created that details the in-depth workings and custom modifications of Cable Suite. Many thanks.
  14. I am revisiting cable suite in VW2022, unfortunately I’m encountering a number of hurdles which I’m not sure are operator related or otherwise. Customised Distribution and cables Working with the files within ‘Applications / Vectorworks 2022 / Libraries / Defaults / Cable Tools’ I note that for whatever reason there are no dimmers in the Distrobution EU file. As such I’ve added one, that said if I import directly from that file (normal route not working and I’ll come back to this) it still thinks it is a distro (it was copied from one with an edit to the data to make necessary changes, type, input and output connections). What is the required syntax for these changes, given it would appear editing the data doesn’t cut it? I also edited some of the cable files in order to add a 1.5m length to jumpers and data options. However when I open a new file and look for either of these 1.5m cable lengths or the aforementioned Dimmer, there is no sign of them. It would appear that an alternate set of files are being referenced. I have also noted that customising the cable parts does not appear to alter the global value. What I mean is if I remove (untick use) for say imperial lengths and US only cables these changes are only valid for that file, leading to my having to do the same for each file or save as template. It would be handy to do so once and for the changes to be recorded in the associated XML file. Lastly, more of a feature request. Given the methodology (if I understand it right) it would be great to have ‘Cable sets’ that can be loaded into a project, similar to the way Sam Jones’s Cable Tools can so that if you change suppliers you can ‘load in’ their cable lengths (as we know, not all suppliers carry the same lengths of each cables and that’s before you look at different geographic territories). If you were to detail the respective lengths and cable types in an XML file which you then choose through the cable preferences before recalculating the cables used. Thank you in advance.
  15. I’ve been taking a look at 2022 and the Redshift render options. I don’t seem to be able to get Redshift to show gobo’s either on surfaces or in the beam. Renderworks works as normal with same background / settings. Is this a shortcoming of Redshift or ‘operator error’? Thanks.
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