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Minimum VRAM for Vectorworks 2021

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I'm a woodworker and work with small, and comparatively simple projects in regards to file size and complexity for CAD.  I have a 6 yr ol Dell PC and am running an upgraded (2yr old) graphics card with 2GB VRAM.   I have 12GB RAM and the original i5 processor.  Will probably upgrade the aging processor to an i7 soon.  I get stuck in my ways and am usually slow to upgrade to the latest version of Vectorworks.  I'm currently using 2018.  I spend more time in the shop than on the computer so I don't like to add new twists to my drafting when it doesn't seem necessary.  Having said, that I am a Service Select member so I was consider upgrading to 2021.  All this is probably TMI, so to the question....  while on phone call with service select tech today he remarked that 2GB VRAM was bare minimum, and probably not enough, even though Vectorworks minimum requirements list on website says for low level use (like me) 2 GB meets requirements, for 2021.  Anyone have a similar set up (PC, 12GB RAM, i5 or better and 2GB VRAM) and encountered any performance issues with Vectorworks 2021?  Thanks in advance! 

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In my opinion you should not look at today's minimum requirements but what could be expected for the next 3-5 years. 2GB VRAM may be sufficient for VW2021, but if you want to upgrade a to newer version of VW in 2 or 3 years it will most likely be below the minimum requirements.


Something else to consider, if VW is the most demanding software you are using when it comes to hardware, then an i7 is not going to give significantly better performance than an i5 in your use scenario.


My suggestion in that case would be to either stay with the current i5 and 12 GB of RAM and upgrade the video card to a 4GB VRAM if feasible, or if you want to get a new computer anyway (e.g. for being able to use Windows 11 which seems to require a more recent CPU like 8th or 9th gen Intel as minimum or for other software that requires a bit more processing power) then get an i5 and use the savings for getting a 4GB VRAM GPU card.

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