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Wishlist - Import shortcuts from existing Workspace



How many times have you wished you could import shortcuts from another workspace?


Matching a custom workspace is quite a time-consuming process.


In addition to the 'Export' button, it would be great to have an 'Import' button, to either create a new workspace based on the tools, commands, and shortcuts of an existing workspace (e.g. when migrating from one version of Vectorworks to another since historic workspaces tend to cause issues), or simply the shortcuts to map any changes in shortcut in a custom workspace to another.

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Running the Migration Manager (not on startup) will create a new workspace based on an existing workspace from a previous version, although is not quite what I had in mind because I might already have a workspace I am using and I want to import shortcuts from another.

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I agree. Does anyone know, was the ability to export/import keyboard shortcuts between workspaces added in Vectorworks 2022? I would also like to be able to transfer my quick options settings the same way for tools that are common to each workspace. I find I am switching between Architect and Landscape workspaces frequently and would like to keep each workspace have similar settings.

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