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Exchanging a large file and referencing local images - anyone have this problem?

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We're exchanging* a 200Mb file that's mostly aerials. We can send the whole file but it's going to get to ~500Mb at times so we're referencing the .jpgs in locally on each of our systems and sending files without the aerials.  Oz's vw is newer and referencing work fine. For my system the links show as broken and still refer back to the Oz instance.


When I choose 'repair broken link' I can only do it one image at a time - despite checking the "Look for subsequent broken references in all of the folders manually located".


Is there a script or other workflow** to simplify this for me at my end?, so I can receive the empty file and the images populate the file. Each image has a unique file name and in VW we have a class with just that file name like so 92N1S-92GX0.jpg and class = 92N1S-92GX0


* we are not working concurrently, as I'm windows on vw2012 and Oz is mac on vw2018, so Oz is saving the file back each time). Can't put file up as NDA.



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