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Simple hoist tool for Spotlight



So, the 2021 hoist tool is a bummer. The legacy hoist tool was clunky, but we did have workarounds to get it to do layout and reporting data.


I'm guessing the new hoist tool was designed to better integrate with Braceworks, which I and most people in my circle have no need for. 


There are several simple things that most of us need, which I can't imagine would hang up a system like the current hoist tools like to do.


I need:

1. Hoist callsign (displayed on the hoist symbol)

2. Cartesian coordinates (that can interact with an origin)

3. one or three other text fields that I can define (as a text string) and place rather than searching through the OIP for the one or two criteria I actually need

4. A hoist report sheet that defaults to a preferable layout datum 

5. Extra credit if some of these automatically count upward for me as I place more hoists (ie: I place a hoist and define it as "A1" then when I place the next hoist it's callsign auto-populates as "A2)


And that's it. The new hoist tool is really obtuse for what we're trying to do and something with way less bloat and system hangs would be super-nice. 

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Just saw this looking for something else and not totally sure there is a question in here.


However I can tell you that the pre 2021 hoist tool is still available, it is "Hoist (Legacy)" and you can add it to your workspace and use it as is for now.


For the other things, you could just literally make symbols with records and accomplish all of that on your own and avoid anything brace works related.  It really may be the better option for some.

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