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Newbie trying to understand layers and linking.


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Hi everyone.

Please don't burn me as I am a little confused as to layers and layer linking and need some help. I did a search before I posted too, just in case there were some other posts asking the same sort of thing.

I am using Mac OS 10.2.1 on a 400Mhz G4 processor with Architect Landmark.

Question 1: I have set up my project using the Setup Assistant and in the manual it says this:


The Setup Assistant automatically creates layer links on Mod-Elevation-## (## refers to the current floor or sheet number) and Mod-3D View layers to Mod-Floor, Mod-Slab, and Mod-Roof layers...This means that the information drawn on the floor, roof, landscape, or site plans automatically displays on the elevation and perspective sheets.

Well, it does not seem to work too well for me. For example, I have created a 3D object on the layer called Mod-Floor-B1. This shows up in the Mod-Elevation-1 (surely it should show up in the Mod-Elevation-B1 layer if, indeed, this layer had been created), but not in the Mod-3D View-1 layer. Perhaps there should have been a layer called Mod-3D View-B1, but this was not created. The only way to see this 3D object on this supposed linked layer is for me to turn on the layer in the 'Layers...' prefs, which kind of defeats the idea of layer linking as it then shows up in all the layers!! [big Grin]

If someone could point me in the direction of an answer, that would be great! [smile]

Question 2: If I need to hide some objects in any layer, do I have to asign them a class in order to achieve this? I have been using Form?Z and it is just a question of turning off this object. Was just wandering if there was a similar way in Architect.

If anyone could help me, I would very much appreciate it!


Mikie [Confused]

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Question 2 answer -- VW does not allow you to turn individual objects on or off. You need to set them to a specific class which you then turn off (invisible) and on (visible). You can also set it to be grayed out.

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