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wall height help


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I ask for help  ..... I have a styled wall using stories, and I extended the wall using "fit walls to objects" to match the roof.  The outer component (blue siding) extended as expected to the roof, but the other components (sheathing, core, gyp bd) did not.   I checked the settings in the wall style components, and they all seem to be the same.  Can anyone show me what I'm doing wrong ?     Also ... is it possible to adjust the height of the components of a wall by clicking and draging on the wall vertex in edit mode ?  (I can't figure it out.)  

wall height.jpg

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OOPS .... never mind.  I discovered my checking of the component settings wasn't too good.  I was puzzled for 30 minutes, then posted.  Of course, as soon as I posted and returned to the issue I discovered the faulty settings.  However, I still wonder if it is possible to change the component heights by clicking and dragging.  Any thoughts?

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