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Import 3dm to new classes

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Hey all, 


I'm Lukas and I am new to scripting with Python and working in Vectorworks. 

Basically I want to import a folder with 3dm files from Rhino into Vectorworks with each file on a new class. 

My Script (copied from the internet) now looks like this but isn't finished yet (obviously). 


import os

major, minor, maintenance, platform = vs.GetVersion()
isMac = False
if platform == 1: isMac = True

err, dirPath = vs.GetFolder( 'Select a Folder' )
if err == 0: # no-error
    hsfDirPath = dirPath
    if isMac: ok, hsfDirPath = vs.ConvertPosix2HSFPath( dirPath )

    fileIndex = 1
    while True: # loop the files
        fileName = vs.GetFilesInFolder( hsfDirPath, fileIndex )
        fileIndex += 1

        if fileName == '': # no more files

        name, ext = os.path.splitext( fileName )
        if ext.lower() == '.3dm':
            filePath = os.path.join( dirPath, fileName )

            vs.BeginSym( name )
            hFile = vs.ImportDXFDWG()


vs.AlrtDialog( 'Done!' )


I was unable to find a dedicated function to import 3dm files. Is there a function like vs.ImportDXFDWG() but for 3dm files? 

How do I implement in the loop the class creation with each class named like the file. 


Thanks in advance to all.




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   Yes, check out the Script Function Reference, either in your application folder in the HELP directory, or online at the Developer Wiki at https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/Main_Page and use the search function. I find the one in the HELP folder much quicker to use, but often there are more comments in the online version. Use both.


FUNCTION Import3DSFile ( fileName :DYNARRAY[] of CHAR;

                                                 atOrigCoords :BOOLEAN;

                                                 positionX, positionY :REAL ) :BOOLEAN ;


def  vs.Import3DSFile(fileName, atOrigCoords, positionX, positionY):

   return BOOLEAN




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Sorry, I misread your post. I see you want 3DM files, not 3DS files. I don't believe there is a canned function that supports 3DM files. You might try:


vs.DoMenuTextByName('Import Rhino 3DM (3D only)', 0)


This call will present an Open File dialog, same as the menu item.


Not sure if this helps.



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Hey Raymond, 

Thx for your reply. That sort of works, but when I have a lot of 3DM files (maybe about 100) I don't want to select every one by hand in the open file dialog. Is there a way to automate this, so I have to just choose the folder (like vs.GetFolder) and every file is imported to a new class? 


Kind Regards 


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Have you tried just dragging the files into a drawing window? It might avoid the having to specify the file in the dialog box.

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