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ifcExport - Wall Components names -


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Till VW 2021 SP1 wall components in the ifc-Export got the Name of the Wall style. Since 2021 SP2 now the component name in the ifc-file is no longer the wall-style name but switched to the component name. Due to the fact, that now every component has its own attributes, name,... that sounds like it "works as designed". However, we would prefer naming every wall-component in the ifc-file like the wall style.

Now I don't know where to interfere/influence to obtain the wished result in the data manager. As you already can see in the file data manager, of course, walls are exported by components.

I attached the original VW 2021 file, the SP1 ifc-export and the SP2 ifc-export.


Thanks in advance.



2021-IFC-Export-Test.vwx.zip 2021-SP1-Test.ifc.zip 2021-SP2-Test-2.ifc.zip

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