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Hi, I've been considdering purchasing the Vector Works Architect software. I'm looking for opinions...I've been using AutoCAD for about the last ten years. I will use the software for is the generation of perspectives, typically of large scale commercial spaces (interior and exterior.)

Any opinions on how this software compares to AutoCAD for this type of 3D capability? Also, does anyone know how well it interfaces with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator?


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I came to VW from Autocad about 6 yrs. ago and I will never go back. Once you grasp the differences between the two, the learning curve flattens out quickly. It is very easy to use, especially for what you are looking for it to do. I run it on a Mac, and use it in both Photoshop and Illustrator on a regular basis.

Hope this helps.

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My Opinion:

I can switch hit between several CAD systems. I have the most experience with Vectorworks and am very Facile in AutoCAD v14 and ACAD lt 2001, among others.

I prefer Vectorworks away and above any CAD system I have tried or learned well enough to be a comnfortable user.

I regularly use the VW export features to Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator, Appleworks, etc. or to .jpeg/.jpg for enhancing/making various rendered views and "scenes", promotional materials for my business and for clients to gain financing, rent their properties or put on their website.

I have both Windows and Mac versions of VW running in my office and prefer to run it on Mac. I have employees who are more comfortable with Windows machines and I have a few Wintels to ensure compatibility checks with clients who like Windows for facility management.

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