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ConDoc D: lines now have arrows


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I have VW 8.5.2 with RenderWorks and Architect installed.


Using Obj Info to change values in a ConDoc

D title block results in some of the lines

making up the title block being given


Scenario 1:

file dream.badtitleblock

Changed to the Sheet-FloorPlan-1 layer.

Used Obj Info to change 'Reviewed by' to

'Reviewed'. The text in the title block

is changed.

But, some of the lines are given arrows.

The following are some examples but not

all of the lines that have been given


- top of the title block:

- line to the right of 'No.' is now an

up-arrow line.

- line to the right of 'Date' is now a

down-arrow line.

- in the circles:

- the left one contains a vertical down

arrow line

- the right one contains a vertical up

arrow line.

- In the 'Drawing No' area

' ---> of --->' instead of

' ---- of ----'

Scenario 2:

Removed all objects in the

Sheet-FloorPlan-1 layer in the file that

has the problem.

Found a backup version of the file in which

I cannot recreate the problem. I.e. I CAN

change text in the title block and do NOT

also get arrows added to lines.

I selected all the objects in its

Sheet-FloorPlan-1 layer, copied them to the

clipboard and then pasted them in place

into the file with the problem. Lines with

those arrows immediately appeared.

Scenario 3:

Used Obj Info to change to ConDoc C.

Changed 'Reviewed By' to 'Reviewed'. It

looked OK. Changed from ConDoc C back to

D. Still OK. This is good.

Scenario 4:

Using a copy of the original file that

illustrates the problem I tried reproducing

the changing of ConDoc D to C. In this case

with ConDoc D, I had not made any text

changes to the title block. When I changed

it to C, arrows were immediately added to

some of the lines. Changing back to D did

not remove the arrows.


- Has anyone see this problem and have a

solution for it?


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