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Would a particular study group be preferred?

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Both methods are important. The Learning CD's give you a visual process so that you may "see" what is going on. The learning exercises give you a hands-on process so that you will have more of a "feel" for the program. It is higly recommended that you use the VectorWorks Manual as well, since many items are covered there that are not covered in the other methods.

You should, if you have the time, go through the manual while running the program to see what is being done and try it out for yourself. If you simply skip to sections when needed, you may not understand how to do something because it is assumed that you have gone through the manual to that point. Therefore certain items needed may have been created in two or three topics prior and you will not know how to create it.


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I'm looking to get up to speed with architectural drawings, then rendering. I've been working through the QuickStart CD's, still in volume 2, and the "help" Learning Exercises Manual, up to "add doors & windows".

I really like the QuickStart proccess of laying out and combining floor "shapes" before drawing footings and walls.

Would one be preferred over the other? Are both ultimately useful for overall competence?

For what its worth, I started out, a year ago with Architectural Desktop R1, got about 200 unpleasant hours in it and quit. VW seems so much more friendly smile.gif I'm optimistic agian.


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