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  1. Seem to have found a fix via File/PreferencesVectorWorks Preferences/Display, then Edit Font Mappings. Even though none of the "Replace" fonts were Albertus Extra Bold, replacing the three listed, with Arial worked.
  2. I think I read something similar to this just prior to installing the 11.5 upgrade, but have not been able to find it again. I select Arial (5th down in the font list, via Alt/Text/Font. However, when trying to establish either text or dimensions, Arial won't be the font that shows up. Up comes Albertus Extra Bold (second down in the font list). The only fix, so far, is to edit the text or the dimension - every time. Going back and re-setting the font via Alt/Text/Font just doesn't stick. Font size stays put, via Alt/Text/Size. What's the procedure with 11.5, to lock in a font preference?
  3. George, here's progress: Managed to get to HP Large Printer Support this morning. They said to go back to driver 5.34 and also update firmware. Once installed, they tweaked both. The result is that grayed layers really show, and Arch D works with correct orientation. The only thing left wanting would be to get the output to come out rotated 180 to be able to "read it" as it prints. Sheet titles have come out on the left since day one.... we can live with this one. HP says to not use PS with CAD. That is why they have us back to the non-PS driver. This was the first time since the 800 came out, that we have not had to fight for useable output. Katie, for what it is worth, current firmware for 800 machines is DJ800_A0208 and HP says we should be using Driver 5.34
  4. Hi George, I have successfuly completed the install of the driver (PS Driver V4.00. I even see the grayed out layer, although it is very, very faint. However, now, there's a rotation problem. I'm using a 36" wide roll. I selected ARCH D. The title boxes come out first, at the bottom, using only 24 inches of width. I cannot manage to rotate the output to save my life! The Page Layout/Rotate bullet option does not "stick". What seems even more odd is that there is no 24" x 36" paper width in the pull-down options, as there was with the previous driver. I may have to forego the grayed layers for horizontal 36 x vertical 24 output.
  5. Hi George, I spent the morning updating all the way to 10.1.5, just to feel like I accomplished something! I just found that 14 meg file that you refered me to: pl44en.exe. Thanks. I will now do the install.
  6. Thank you George. I just checked HP's site again. One ends up with the same driver, 5.34, whether one chooses 800 (42 in), Windows XP or 800PS (42 inch) Windows XP. I notice that you are using VWA 10.0.1. Hard to believe that would fix the problem compared to VWA 10.0.0. I will see what I can do to update to that. I'm awaiting a call back from NNA tech support. I spent a good deal of time on phone with them Tuesday, January 20th.
  7. Is anyone else having this problem? We have just discovered that grayed-out layers will not print. We've not had any reason to print grayed-out layers until now. We are using an 800PS with the latest HP driver, 5.34, with Windows XP pro. Otherwise, the output is fine.
  8. Does anyone know if "no fractions" in the dimensions setup actually works with the udate? That would be progress. Thanks
  9. Many weeks have now gone by without receiving the RW9 manual. It was suggested by an NNA person on this board that I contact NNA about this. I thought that it would be more revealing to sit back and wait to see if NNA was keeping track of which customers did and did not receive the manual. Should the customers be doing this work the vender? Can it take three months to get a manual printed? Perhaps there aren't that many RW9 users and this situation is just not that important to NNA. Who knows.... but is an interesting way for a company to conduct itself. The 90 mark draws closer day by day.
  10. Archken, I use circular walls quite often... towers, turrets, rotundas, etc. I've been dealing with this one eversince 8.1. It is just as frustrating as dealing with your Y walls, and you've just encountered the tip of the iceberg. Best wishes.
  11. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has ever received their R9 manual? If so, was it worth the wait?
  12. Thanks Caleb, but I'm inclined to agree with ajs. I can't see any point in registering if I'm not likely to keep the software. Also, I've learned, over the years that the customer does not do the vender's work. If I expected my customers to tend to my details for me, I would soon have fewer and fewer customers. Let's hope that NNA has been keeping track of customers that have not received RW9 manuals with their software. ajs, I just checked and you are right! It is a 90 period if bought directly from NNA. Thanks very much for bringing this up. We may still get manuals "in time".
  13. Well, I suppose that I'll continue to wait for a RW9 manual to arrive, but the 30 day return is not too far off now. I'd like to think that NNA would use this forum to keep us uptodate regarding the RW9 manual. But something tells me that the cows will come home before I ever receive a manual
  14. Doug is right, the tech support fellows are swamped. I've spent so much time on the phone with them over the past year that I might as well invite them all over for dinner. They too are deaing with the 9 learning curve. It's not a large department, they are taking on additional help (learning curve there too) and one has decamped. We are going to have to be very patient, and likely wait for 9.01+.
  15. Has anyone received their "real" RW9 manual yet?
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