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Entering VW Architect 1.01 Serial Number?

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Well, here it is, Sunday on a long weekend. I've switched VW8.5.1, RenderWorksV8 and VW Architect1.01 to another computer in order to watch training CD's on one while having VW running on the other. All windows based.

VW Architect1.01 serial number entry proceedure does not follow the proceedure on page 1-7 of its manual. I needed tech support to get it entered last week for the first time, but can't remember how tech support had me do it. Argh.


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Be certain that you installed Architect into the main VectorWorks directory. When you open VectorWorks, go to the Architect workspace. When in the Architect Workspace, go to the "Window" menu, choose "About Architect" and you will be able to enter the Serial Number for Architect there.

If you are continuing to have problems with VectorWorks accepting the serial number, please call Technical Support and we will walk you through the process.

Remember, there was an error that allowed some O's (the letter) into the middle sequence of some serial numbers so they may not be 0's (zeros).


Brian O

Diehl Graphsoft, Inc.

Technical Support

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