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Crashed on resource import - Spotlight

J Monroe


Hello. My program crashed multiple times when trying to import a light instrument symbol from the vectorworks libraries. The symbol I am importing is from the Altman Conventional.vwx library. I am trying to import the "Light Instr Altman PAR64 MFL"


Three times the program just disappeared instantly without errors or pop ups or any windows system notifications. The sequence/workflow prior to my crashes was

1) using the search bar in the resource browser, typing in "PAR 64 MFL"

2) finding the symbol among the results and right clicking mouse on the thumbnail

3) selecting import from the pop up menu

4) crash


The first time I imported the symbol it had the cloud/download identifier on the thumbnail, after that initial crash and second search it must have been downloaded because the cloud icon was gone, but the symbol was not yet  in my drawing resources. So when I repeated the import I crashed again. The next time I loaded my drawing file I decided to use the lighting device tool to actually draw all the lighting instrument symbols I was importing into my drawing. When I got to the same PAR 64 fixture and tried to import it again I crashed the third time.


After the third crash, the symbol was already in my resource browser when I re-opened my drawing file. (I think because I have VW set to auto save every 5 operations?)


I have not been able to re-create any more crashes yet, even when trying to import symbols from other vwx libraries that are not downloaded to my system.


I think the problem may have resolved itself (hopefully) but I thought it might be helpful to post a question about it.


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