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  1. Thanks for your help and answers. I think this gives me a working solution.
  2. Update on what I am seeing here. When I select multiple fixtures in the vectorworks drawing and hit "Edit" in the object info palette, the lighting device window is larger/wider to display every tab and the lighting devices selection list appears on the left side of the window. However it seems you have to then click each individual unit on the device list one at a time and select colors that way. Highlighting multiple lines of fixtures and then changing the color does not assert the new color choice in any but the first unit selected. The <all selected> line at the top does not write color info to more than first unit either. Colors I am selecting 1 by 1 this way are arriving correctly in vision via the ESC. Thats good news.
  3. Do you consider the gel equivalents chosen within the Vision color picker to be "custom colors"? Working in Vision. I have been using the "..." button next to the color slot data field in the properties palette. This opens the color picker dialog box. I then assign colors from either Rosco or Lee exclusively. I have not been assigning colors by clicking the rainbow color selection box, or adjusting any RGB fields. What was the workflow you used to assign colors in Spotlight prior to sending the ESC file to vision? I was playing around with your files and part of my problem might be this... I cant resize this window to see the entire menu and the OK button. I wonder if I was closing this with the X and not actually assigning the colors by being able to hit the OK button? I tried changing to a different workspace in the hopes of resetting this. I am using the default Spotlight workspace. I will keep looking at this.
  4. Thanks for the fast response. I can share my V3S file with you if it helps you see what I am seeing. One other thing I am seeing.. I think its network related.. I am sending sACN signal from a laptop over my home wired LAN to my desktop Vision workstation. I am seeing a lot of flickering from both LED and conventionals in Vision. Is that a network latency thing?
  5. Having a little problem. Light plot drawn and finished in Spotlight 2021, mostly conventional lighting units. All units have been defined with correct fixture type for Vision 2021 transfer. All colors and templates entered both in the Spotlight color and template data field and also entered via the edit pop up window from the object info palette. Exporting to MVR did not transfer everything I needed, so I made sure to run updates on Vision and Vectorworks. The export to MVR still did not work, so I tried the send to vision menu option. This transferred all the fixtures and 3D elements I needed for visualization into Vision. None of the color or template info transferred, and none of the focus information. Next I allocated all color and templates to each fixture within Vision. I adjusted the focus of the entire plot in Vision as well. No worries. I saved the vision file and it created a file with the .v3s file extension. Everything was working and I was all set to begin programming. When I opened Vision the next day and loaded the .v3s file, none of the colors or templates are still attached to any conventional fixture. The focus remains but no color or template textures. Have I done something wrong? I am entering color for each fixture by selecting the light by its name within the scene graph window. Then using the properties window to adjust Color Wheel 1 > Slot 1 field. This data does not carry over from 1 session to the next.
  6. Hello. My program crashed multiple times when trying to import a light instrument symbol from the vectorworks libraries. The symbol I am importing is from the Altman Conventional.vwx library. I am trying to import the "Light Instr Altman PAR64 MFL" Three times the program just disappeared instantly without errors or pop ups or any windows system notifications. The sequence/workflow prior to my crashes was 1) using the search bar in the resource browser, typing in "PAR 64 MFL" 2) finding the symbol among the results and right clicking mouse on the thumbnail 3) selecting import from the pop up menu 4) crash The first time I imported the symbol it had the cloud/download identifier on the thumbnail, after that initial crash and second search it must have been downloaded because the cloud icon was gone, but the symbol was not yet in my drawing resources. So when I repeated the import I crashed again. The next time I loaded my drawing file I decided to use the lighting device tool to actually draw all the lighting instrument symbols I was importing into my drawing. When I got to the same PAR 64 fixture and tried to import it again I crashed the third time. After the third crash, the symbol was already in my resource browser when I re-opened my drawing file. (I think because I have VW set to auto save every 5 operations?) I have not been able to re-create any more crashes yet, even when trying to import symbols from other vwx libraries that are not downloaded to my system. I think the problem may have resolved itself (hopefully) but I thought it might be helpful to post a question about it.
  7. Hi Kevin, Update still hangs the same as before after moving the Lights.wad file out of the Library folder. When looking back in the Library folder after closing Vision the updater did not write/create a new Lights.wad file.
  8. Thank you for your help and information. I will try ESC for the time being. (And thank you also for the additional clarifying note)
  9. Im using the export MVR to move visible layers from Spotlight to Vision. In my vectorworks drawing all my units are focused to an endless amount of focus points and in 3D I can see the fixtures pointed in all directions. When I open the MVR file in Vision all of the units are pointed straight down. My questions are: Do I need to include the focus points as visible layer/class at the time of export out of Vectorworks? If so, does it matter whether the focus point symbol is 2D/3D hybrid? Do I need to export in parts and merge separate MVR files in Vision? My venue is basically a black box with 160+ units and no truss, only simple masking and pipe grid. Thank you for any clues that lead to a solution.
  10. Im also seeing this problem on my PC. Im running the latest version of Vision that I reinstalled last week. I do notice that when the update screen comes up I do get "Computing Hashes (%)" above the progress bar and it proceeds to go from 1 to 100%. Once the text above the progress bar changes from "Computing Hashes" to "Downloading Updates" the updater freezes and does not progress further. It does not crash the program, I can just hit the cancel button and return to the program.
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