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Subdivision - Subtrack Solids is no longer a solid.


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Hi, I have a Subdivision object that I have removed a shape with Subtract Solid. It is now a Solid Subtraction.

I need the shape to be a solid shape for 3D printing.

How do I fill it in or make this edit keeping it as a solid.


This is a screen shot of the area I would like to fill...

There are 2 parts here (green) that i 'Add Surfaced' together but I could split them and do it in 2 x parts.

Hope this all makes sense.


Thank you.


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More info , clarification.
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Think I found the solution....

Im not sure why but the green section, while it looked ok in Subdivision, when converted to a Generic Solid it lost a section/plane.

After editing slightly in subdivision mode, softened some sharp edges, it was whole when converting back to a Generic Sold.

I could then re apply the Subtract Solids to give me the cut away I need and have a solid structure.

Screenshot 2020-11-10 at 13.26.26.png

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