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Tobias Kern

WISH: New Display Modes for checking




besides Vectorworks I am a big Sketchup fan.


Some Display Modes that Sketchup have, are very good

and i like to have in VW too, because you can check

very fast your drawings.


The new Display Modes should be controlled via this menu:




A1.  Color by Axis on/off (see below)

… show all lines in the colors of the axis.

You can easily check if you have cleanly drawn orthogonal.

red = x-axis

green = y-axis

blue = z-axis

black = no x-, or y-, or z-axis

If you set a different axis, the colors should react to the new axis.




A2. Show Endpoints on/off (see above)

… show all endpoint of the geometry.

You can easily check how complex a geometry is.


A3. Show Transparentmode on/off (see below)

… shows the complete drawing transparent

With this mode, you can snap the lines behind.





A4. Show Hidden Lines on/off (see below)

… shows the hidden lines of the complete drawing 

In this mode, you can snap to the lines behind too.




All modes should be mixed together, as you can see in the screenshots.



/ / / 




In VW we can draw in a specific direction via pressing the defined shortcut.

(in the german version we have the "t"-key for that).

This solution is ok and works, but i think the Sketchup solution is way better and faster to manage.


In Sketchup the arrow-keys are defined for the drawing directions.

you click to start a line/polygon, nurbscurve or whatever, then you press

the specific arrow key and then the lines only can be drawn in this direction. 


arrow up = z-axis (blue) only up and down

arrow  left = y-axis (green) only forward and backward

arrow right = x-axis (red) only right or left


the arrow down key is a bit special. the key defines a non x/y/z direction,

with the cursor you have to be over a non orthogonal line then press arrow down,

now you only can draw in this direction.

with the other modes (up, left, right) you don't have to be over a line.



With this new modes, i think we draw faster and can check more

easily what we have produced.


Cheers from Germany 






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