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Matthias Sch.

Change multiple sockets at once?

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Hi there,


another *TP (term panel) question incoming.

I know, it looks like I#m practicing for the next patch-panel-olympics 😉


Is it somehow possible to change multiple/all connectors at once?

Imagine you have a RJ45 data term panel with 20 connections, but need RJ11.


Currently the only way is:

- double klick on DTP socket device

- click on the socket

- select the connector from dropdown list

- exit device

... and repeat this 20 times.


I'm wondering if there is a "mass edit device" tool or something like that?

I gave the Spotlight Numbering tool a try, but this only sees the whole device and not the underlaying socket object.

Thanks for any hint 🙂


Test-File is attached ...


Best Regards




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No, I wouldn't put you through that...


In 2020, select the panels you want to change, and using the same TP tool that you used to place your panel devices click on the first one (highlights red). Up comes the familiar dialog but with Port and Repeat disabled (we're in edit mode). Now you can change the Panel ID of the selected panels. If you check Renumber the Port control is enabled allowing you to apply new port numbers starting from the one you select.


In 2021 it's even cooler and much more obvious - all done in the Object Info Palette.


This would be a good point to remind you of that little ? icon at the top of dialog boxes - takes you to the specific help page 🙂 Just came to me because I was talking about this with my colleagues yesterday.



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Hey Conrad, thanks for that.

But I wanted to change the "Connector" field on multiple/all items. For example from RJ45 to RJ11. 


Unfortunately I have to wait until November for 2021. Even if I'm using the EN version, but it looks like I can't get a 2021 serial before 2021 DE version is released (i bought the german version but the whole team uses english) 😞


By the way: I normally use search app-help.vectorworks.net before asking 😉


Best Regards


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Ok understand.


With a bit of fiddling about I can work around that. If you Ungroup a device like a term panel you get a symbol and a socket. Delete the symbol and you've got a naked socket. Do that for bunch of term panels. Use Select Similar to help get rid of the symbols. Select all the sockets - change their connectors to RJ11. Cut and paste into a new device.


See where I'm going with this?


Be nice to number those sockets... so inside our device let's select the sockets, duplicate them (alt-drag) and then change the duplicates to Orientation B, ungroup the duplicates. Now you've got two symbols for each socket. Convert to group and ungroup. Now select the text objects with the numbers and position them above the sockets.

Exit the device and save it as a symbol for future use.


What I'm getting at here is that ConnectCAD has a lot of "get out of jail" cards. Even if we didn't think of everything there's usually a way.


Thanks for looking at the help too 🙂


Hope this helps you get your job done and we'll certainly work on ways to make this faster.



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Hey Conrad,


thanks for this really detailed solution.


The workaround with ungrouping and pasting into a new device is god to know as a solution for this one:


But now it looks like a bit more effort then I was trying to explain ... I'm sorry.


I was really searching for a quick way to just change a few sockets without having to edit every single socket.

I know about saving a new symbol, but in this case this is not a solution, since the term panels do not always have the same amount of same connectors.


Like having the "Object Info" item from attached screenshot 2 at the level of attached screenshot 1.

Bit I think this requires some kind of "link" from the device itself to the inside socket?


Currently it it like in attached video. But this can be time-intense for lots of term panels.


Best regards




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Hi Matthias,


I understand. Bulk editing term panels after placement isn't available in the current version. In 2021 you can set the connector type in the Term Panel tool preferences before placement. So why not just delete and replace the term panels?



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