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Saved Views Vanish

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After the second time this happened to me I decided I needed to get some help from you folks.

I have a file that has lost about 15 saved views on it. I recreated them by looking at an older version. This process took me perhaps 2 hours. Now I found that the same thing happened again. To put this mildly, this is NOT cool.

I would love it if Nemetschek could help me out, more likely I will get some tips from the users, most likely I will get some sympathy but no advice. Please prove me a sceptic.

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Yes, my viewports are vanishing as well. I saw another thread about this problem and they mentioned that the saved sheets scripts did not pull up the saved views either. I found this to be true.

I am using VW 11.0.1 with OS 10.4.3 on a Dual 2 gig G5 with 512 megs RAM. This problem only occured after I migrated to this new machine. I was using 10.3 on a G4 400 with about 700 megs of RAM and never had this problem.

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