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upgrading to VW12 ?

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Hi everyone!

i haven't made any post since monthes... So the release of VW12 seems a good moment to this first post... (hope you wont find it TOO long)

I've of course read all your comments on VW12... and found them all really interesting. So I thougth I could ask a piece of advice :

All of us here starded with vw11.5 4 monthes ago. so we're far from expert yet, and on top of this, we had to work very much under the pressure of some awfull deadlines and we could'nt explore the soft as we whished we could. So the fact is that we're still not using the soft as I think it can be used (better). and we still have a lot to learn.

Then there is this release of VW12... and we don't know wheter we should consider an upgrade.

On the one hand, the acquisition of 11.5 was a big expense for us (we're young, started the office.. etc) and we haven't yet assimilated the software, so why not skip the upgrade and wait for the next release, so in the meantime we can get more use to VW ?

On the other hand, since we have to learn it all from scratch, why not make a complementary effort and upgrade to learn it all together. we're anyway setting everything up and this would save time for the future?

We aren't old enough for any experience about upgrades. The only comparison we have is the decision to buy VW coming from an Autocad educational background... that was a change of habits.. but I guess upgrades should be easier...

So I'd be really please to hear about your experience regarding updates? Does that need a lot of effort ? How long does it take for a whole office to convert (file organisation, old files vs new files?) Do you feel it is better to do it sooner... or later?

Then is it better to upgrade with XX.0 version or should you advise to wait till XX.5 version so to let the software some time to mature?

I've also read about VW12 requirement 2GHZ seems huge to me, our computer are running with 1GHz and Pentium4 2.8 to 3.2... Lot of people use to say that 11.5 was slow... will VW12 be more demanding (means slower?)

Ok. Sorry if this was long. I'm really looking forward to read your comment. Thanks.

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