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Railing/Fence Tool performance

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Hi all,


I was wondering if it's just me and my computer that has huge issues with the Railing/Fence tool performance, so when i want to create a new railing/fence i set up all the required settings without any issues, but when i get to the classes designation it goes so slow to change anything that it seems vectorworks just crashed.


Another thing is i have a class (ex: Material-Aluminium) with the texture and all the correct settings and when i change let's say the 3D Post class to that and in the texture setting i go to by Class, usually doesn't pick up the texture in the class and i have to set it up manually and when i press the TEXTURE option, the VW goes super slow and takes ages to show the menu to choose the texture i want.


Is there anything i can do to fix this?


I'm using VW 2020 (latest update) Ryzen 7 2700x with a nvidia 1060 6gb ram and 32gb memory ram.


EDIT: i've posted here and deleted the one in troubleshooting as i might have wrongly categorized it.

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