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VW 2020 - iMac Requirements

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We are starting to look at using the 3D / BIM side of Vetorworks Architect and rolling out throughout the office. I have drawn one of our projects, a large house, in 3D and am having issues with the speed of the program. 


Can I please have comments on the specifications of our iMacs as seen in the signature below. Comparing to the requirements shown online it looks like we have more than enough RAM however I am wondering if it is the graphics card / processor that is causing the issues. 


The file I am working on is 210mb - could this also cause issues?

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I’m having a similar issue. I realize this on my previous iMac 5k (late 2015, i5 3.2ghz, 16gb ram, 2gb vram, ssd). Now, using on newer iMac 4k (2017, i5 3.4ghz, 8gb ram, 4gb vram, fusiondrive) I still having a little bit laggy on a 3d viewing, that going decreasing more and more with OpnGL view and switching on the shadows and illumination settings.


tell me what is your Mac model/specs.?

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