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Texture mapping

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Why my texture difference beetwen Spotlight and Vision? This is a simple extruded rectangle and MVR export in 2020 SP2



2019-12-17 12_31_04-Greenshot.png

2019-12-17 12_16_27-Greenshot.png

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Hmmm, it seems like there may be an issue with the update we made to improve texture exports in 3DS/MVR files.


Luckily, the UV coordinates seem to still be good in my tests. It's just that VW is now sending this screen over with a thumbnail texture instead of the texture we really want! So, if you assign a different texture to the mesh associated with the screen, it should look normal. This texture could be an image or video file from disk. Or, this texture could be a Video Input via Capture Card or NDI.


Alternatively, you may use the older ESC Exporter. The downside to this is that updates cannot be "merged in" like they can for MVR. Also, the quality of MVR exports is generally of a higher quality than that of ESC (especially when it comes to normals). When using ESC, you should ensure that "Use Normals" is NOT checked.


I am investigating what is going on in the code to see how we can get this resolved. Thank you for your patience!

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Just found another interesting work around. If you edit the texture you are using for the screen (in this case the 16x9 color bars), simply ensure that no procedural shaders exist. In my tests, the 16x9 color bars have a "glow" reflectivity shader. Setting this to None should result in a better image coming over to Vision. This is what I would recommend for getting static images from VW to Vision for screens.


Unfortunately, if you are trying to get a Vision Video Source from VW to Vision, the Video Source must be applied by hand in Vision. We have determined this is an issue on the exporting side of VW. I've opened a ticket and we hope to get it resolved soon.

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