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Marionette Object - Problem once converted to V2020


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Is anyone getting errors like this? For VW2020 Marionette when converting from VW2019 2147033053_Screenshot2019-12-11at18_16_21.thumb.png.fe666e61db0f45988d8c87f3373d7a04.png 


So if im mistaken then please dont mind me. Im getting the issue with my Marionette plugins after ive converted from V2019 to V2020. 


If im reading this right, then the Marionette.py has changed and it cannot call the function to the node.


I still consider myself a novice, still learning as i go along so please call me up on it.


Please see files attached> i have attached the 2019 version and 2020. 


Im just trying to figure this out so the company can start using these for V2020.


Thank you all very much. 

Marionette FOH Straight Booth Seating-V1 INDEV.vwx Marionette FOH Straight Booth Seating-V1 INDEV v2020.vwx

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