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Stefan Bender

SDK: Eyedropper support of PIOs - How?

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How can PIOs know the current settings of the eyedropper tool so they can support the tool?

I see two functions


// Eyedropper notifies that it is going to put the record 'hObjRecordCopy' as record for the current parametric object
            // In this event the object can alter the copy to ensure correct data transfer (the data has already been copied to the record)
            // NOTE! This object's record is still in place when this event is called
            virtual void            OnEyedropperPrepareCopy(MCObjectHandle hObjRecordCopy);
            // Eyedropper notification that has finished with copying this object
            virtual void            OnEyedropperAfterCopy(MCObjectHandle srcObject);


in VWParametricEventSink that allow the PIOs to do something before and after copying, but how can the PIOs know which of the options of the eyedropper tool are set? Imho some data type "EyedropperToolPreferences" should be passed to these functions so the PIOs can react accordingly.


Or is there another way for the PIOs to support the eyedropper tool?




Thanks for any help,


Stefan Bender


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This is pure speculation based on the parameter names, but is it purely for dealing with the PIO parameter option of the eyedropper? Or at least the event only raises when the user checks the PIO option?

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