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Skylight 2D component from 3D

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Hi vw community,


I have a questions regarding generation of 2D component from 3D geometry.

I have built my roof faces (30 degrees slope) and inserted velux skylight 3D symbol, now I want to generate 2D component from that 3D geometry of velux skylight (3D symbol) as is seen in top/plan view with 30 degrees rotation...result is not what i wish. Command 'Generate 2D from 3d Component' produce 2D component of 3D geometry as is set up in symbol (at 90 degrees standing)...OK...maybe thats how this suppose to work...

However when I duplicate 3d symbol of skylight and ungroup it and rotate geometry to 30 degress angle (my roof angle) create new 3D symbol and generate correct 2D component from it... i see strange behaviour happening when I want to paste this 2D component into my origin velux 3D symbol in my roof. Origin 3d geometry gets rotated and 2d component as well (see result in attachment)...

Any idea what cause such behaviour or how to correctly approach this task in this particular situation?

Thank for any advice.



Snímka obrazovky 2019-08-23 o 12.54.08.png

Snímka obrazovky 2019-08-23 o 12.54.18.png

Snímka obrazovky 2019-08-23 o 12.55.04.png

Snímka obrazovky 2019-08-23 o 12.55.48.png

Snímka obrazovky 2019-08-23 o 12.56.09.png

Snímka obrazovky 2019-08-23 o 13.11.05.png

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@drelARCH...not a great option but just overdraw the skylight in plan-view on your sheet layers to get the graphics you want.  At the moment, you can't really "get to" skylights as they are embedded in the roof as you've probably found...sorry



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