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Issues with stability and rendering


Hey, I have a great amount of stability issues with VW 2018 and 2019, my file is rather large so I can excuse the odd hiccup, however I am having issues rendering grass, even with the option turned on, moreover when doing an update to multiple viewports as a batch render, they won't render! Now I also have an issue where the render just stops rendering even though it's incomplete but still says rendering without the time increasing, to be frank, I think this is pathetic and VW has really let me down this project and creating too much stress near a deadline due to it's poor behavior! 

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When you say it is having issues rendering grass, are you using a texture that is set up with a grass shader? This can look great, but it definitely will slow down and complicate rendering as it is basically drawing 3D grass geometry. This kind of texture is awesome if you are looking to do a rendering of a small backyard, planters, or something else small in detail; however, if you are trying to apply it to a larger area, it might be causing a lot of slowness. (Even more so if you are trying to update multiple viewports at once)


I can look into your file if needed. If you don't want to post it publicly here, you can send me a direct message and I can provide you with an upload link.

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Hey, my issue was with VW2019, I reviewed my settings etc for rendering and went back to 2018 and had no issues! So I’ve removed 2019 as I think stability wise it’s quiet poor compared to 2018 and have managed to finish my design on 2018! 

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