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Titleblock Sheet Data

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I apologize if this has come up but my searches came up empty. I'll also note I usually end up skipping versions, and I'm new to the 2018/19 Titleblock object style concept.


I'm having problems with Sheet data. In 2017 and before, a record that included "Sheet Data "name" " would always ONLY update that sheet when editing the titleblock values. 

My issue right now is understanding the workflow in 2019. I'm currently working on a drawing that has 33 Sheet Layers. As I was first creating all the layers, editing the titleblock sheet data worked as expected - double click, enter values to my custom fields (room name, load in date, etc) placed the entered data onto the sheet I was working on.

However, in having to go back and edit some of the custom sheet data values I've found that by default the Manager is editing a different sheet. It seems that even though I am editing sheet values I must first go to the File/Sheet list and select that sheet only. Is this right? Am I missing a way to just automatically be entering data for the sheet I am on? ( I'll admit I made the mistake of selecting all sheets, presuming Sheet Data was unique to the sheet the TB was on, and having all sheet data replaced - ouch.)


I'm not criticizing the new object style concept - but I am dealing with understanding how it works after years of a clear difference between Project Data and Sheet Data (i.e. global and local).

If I'm missing something I'd certainly appreciate the help - or if I just need to add the add the extra clicks in the TBM/Select Sheets so be it. Maybe if someone has some insight into why, from the previous global/local concept, the current concept is better?





2019 SP3






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Hello @David Ormsby,


The concept of global Project Data and local Sheet Data is still the same. However, the TBManager main purpose is to edit multiple TBBs at once. If you want to do single TBB edit, you could toggle the selection mode from the top right corner of the TBManager, it is represented with a button with 3 dots in it. After that, you have to make sure you are editing the desired TBB and not another one.

Another way to edit single TBB is to do this from the Settings dialog.


Let me know if you need any more info.


Best Regards,

Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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Hi @Nikolay Zhelyazkov 


This was a big help. It took me a minute to see the relationship between "Select Sheets to Use" and navigation buttons but it makes much more sense now.

Also, using the Settings button rather than the TBM seems to be a good match for my workflow that's developed since the introduction of TBs (i.e. edit what I'm looking at) however many years ago that was.


Many thanks!


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