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I have a wall Style made of various components and classes and I assigned it a fire rating value, for example this 





I would like to be able to highlight every wall's fire rating and obtain something that looks like this



I created a custom line style that looks like this. Then I selected the rei properties of the wall styles with data visualization



I don't know how to edit attributes to make things show. Editing pen style has no result. 

I know I could manually draw the lines in viewport annotation but I want it to happen automatically.

I also created a custom tile to edit the fill attribute of the wall but the result is not as I expected.


Any advice?


Thank you in advance



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As to your visualisation; the fill and pen are not set for the REI values? That is, they are selected (apply), but the fills, colors and thicknesses have no value -> no change to the original appearance. There is some unnamed record field showing blue and black visualisation settings, which might confuse.


As to another method I saw somewhere here on the forum, this doesn't use visualisation as such:

  1. Make a class for the REI text visibility control (an on/off switch)
  2. Start eg. with the stock "Gas line" linetype, make a copy of it, and replace the text with desired text (REI 30 etc). You can fiddle with the positioning and size of the text later to get it where you want, within the wall.
  3. Create a wall style that has one extra component for the REI line. Remember to set the class properly, and colors as you wish etc.
  4. Duplicate this wall style for other REI walls, change the used line type accordingly

Now you have wall styles including visual representation of the fire rating, that can be turned off where desired. Within viewports, you can override the text size settings if necessary, maybe use a duplicate viewport on top with only this class visible if you want to leave other texts at original size.



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