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Data Visualisation of Walls


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Hi folks,


I have this problem, that if I draw a wall, doesn't matter if its one from my resources or an unstyled one, its ifc properties are showing up as <Default IfcWallStandardCase>. (Btw. also applies to Slabs and such) If I want to turn on the data visualisation, its record is nowhere to be seen. I have to go back to my design layer and select the walls and manually assign IfcWallStandardCase to these walls. Only afterwards is it showing up in the data visualisation of my viewport.

I made a video showing the issue.






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As a follow on query, does anyone know if it is possible to get data visualisation to work across referenced files? The reference is brought into a design layer and then a viewport created in a sheet layer. The record shows up - under the data visualisation menu - but changing colours / fills etc. doesn't work! Any ideas?  

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