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Successful strategies for reference grids/planes in 3D

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Was quite hopeful about the 'gridtangle' concept but running into some issues now that I am trying to implement it in a real project.


The first is that they only properly work with non-merged type sections, because with a merged section you have to assign a linetype for sectioned objects that applies globally - so where the gridtangles are sectioned, they show up as solid lines and there's no way I can see to override this so they show up as whatever linetype you want for your gridlines. For merged type sections it looks like you'd have to use overlaid viewports, which kind of defeats the purpose somewhat.


The second is that even in non-merged sections they seem to show up unreliably. In some viewports they work as expected and in some they just don't show as a sectioned plane at all. They seem to disappear when I move the line of teh section cut for example. While it's possible there's something I am doing that I haven't thought of, I've spent the last hour or so trying to work it out without any success.

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