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Material take-offs and resource tags

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Hi everyone,

I've been going through the forum, and can't seem to be able to find information on how to reference resource tags in worksheets? The one great thing about the new data tags is that now they can reference any geometry, material, symbol or group with record information placed on them. However, when you want to strategically use that information in a worksheet and lets say the object is a symbol or a group, we have to create new records for the object take-off just to isolate say, plumbing from FF&E, to ceilings, railings, lighting symbols, etc... currently there is no way of doing this without calling out all objects with the same record format or strategically calling it out by object type (things start to get complex when several object types are referenced by symbols category)


question 1 - Since material take-offs have been created in VW symbols, is it possible to add an object type category? That way, future symbols created by the community can be shared using the same record format, and used in worksheets by isolating the object types?


question 2 - can resource tags (not data tags, but the tags imparted on a symbol - with the add tag right click on the resource symbol object) be referenced in worksheets? (that is my potential workaround for symbols that already have the material take-off record format, but no category other than the tags)


question 3 - is it possible to select symbols by folders in the database selection criteria? It can certainly help narrow down a lot of things, rather than selecting one symbol at a time as another possible work around.


Thanks in advance!

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