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Civil 3D



I often need to work with Civil  3D import and export.  I have attached three files.  One is the orginal file from the Civil.  The second is the file imported directly into VW. The third is a file that has taken 3 hrs to get workable. 


My client asked me to take the file and create a graphic.  I had to completely recreate the road and grading plan as their is no way for VW to read the complete grading plan.  Also, 3D symbols must be broken down. Poly line simplified considerably so VW can deal with it.



2018-10-17 BLUE WATER-PE-2.dwg

2018-10-16 BLUE WATER-PE-2.pdf

Ecoplan 23b Oct.vwx

McDonald align 23 Oct PLC.pdf

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If you still have the opportunity to work with the civil engineering you can request their Civil 3D surface in a couple of different formats that will help you with your model.

  1. Ask them to export their Surface as a TIN, all by itself - This is essentially the civil 3D "site model" that you can explode and use directly as your site model
  2. Ask them to export their "breaklines" or "feature lines" as 3D polys in CAD (.dwg). Import them into VW as 3D polys and use them to building your site model. Some cleanup may be necessary, but this is essentially just trading the guts of their surface model with the guts of VW's site models.
  3. Finally, have them export the Surface as 3D contours, giving you that last bit of information to help you.

Ultimately this doesn't take them much time and dramatically streamlines yours. That said, I do wish VW had better interoperability with Civil 3D and could read all of the CoGo objects that are used in Civil3D's grading exercise.

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