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Setting render mode from plug-in


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I have a button that changes to a 3D view based on the plug-in's orientation.


I can't get the render mode to change.  I've tried:


gSDK->SetRenderMode(gSDK->GetActiveLayer(), renderOpenGL, true, true);


gSDK->NewCurrentViewMatrix(viewMatrix, true);


WorldRect drawRect;

ViewRect windowRect;


gSDK->ViewRect2WorldRect(windowRect, drawRect);



in various orders, but the render mode always stays as is.  The RW camera successfully changes render modes, so this must be possible...

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Ok, figured it out.  This works:

        gSDK->SetViewMatrixByVector(lookFrom, lookTo, WorldPt3(0, 0, 1), viewMatrix);
        gSDK->SetRenderMode(gSDK->GetActiveLayer(), renderOpenGL, true, true);
        gSDK->NewCurrentViewMatrix(viewMatrix, false);

I didn't take the time to test whether SwitchFromPlanTo3DView() or RefreshRenderingForSelectedObjects() or both are what makes it work, but it's been reliable so far.

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