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2019 / Bridle Testing Strange behaviours


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I am working on some rigging calcs for a gig that is going to be in a tent. 2019 Test File attached, as well as the original file (Zoo Gala).


I have a few observations/questions:

1. Using a Pipe as a Hanging Position and then duplicating it is giving me an ID already in use BW error, but I see nowhere to edit the ID for each Pipe separately?

2. I am getting a Virtual FEM error for the end of the truss where everything appears kosher to me, i don't see how one leg of the bridle is getting lifted (which is how I read this error from the online help?)

3. I copied this entire system from our actual working file and pasted it into a new document which is the one attached here. When I did this I also rotated the entire system so it was landscape orientation just to make complete system viewing easier. Everything appeared fine until I ran the BW Calculation again and this caused my house rigging points to be duplicated for some reason? I left them this way in the file instead of deleting them.

4. More strangeness, general VW 2019 related. When I was in my working file, ASP Gala, I use the selection tool to select all the elements on the left most side of the drawing ONLY. I opened a new document and pasted in my selection. However, instead of pasting just my selection from the Gala drawing, it pasted ALL the elements existing in my Gala drawing into the new document.

Braceworks 2019 Bridle Testing.vwx


ASP Gala v2019.vwx

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Ok thanks. I have also noticed that my Alpha Profiles that are attached to the hanging position pipes become unattached at random after calculation...


I have used the Reset BW ID menu command and it does fix this problem, temporarily. I have to reuse it every time I calculate or the ID error keeps showing up...not really a problem but a tad irritating.

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