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Runtime errors

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VWA 11.1; Windows XP (SP1); ATI Fire GL X1 CAD video card; all five months old.

I have been getting a lot of Runtime Errors in VW11 on a new computer. The errors occur at random in different files. No special video processing involved. Usually occurs after a double-click on an object. I have already disabled the Hardware Acceleration to see if that would stop the crashes. Vector Cache is still on, so I guess I'll turn that off too. Any other ideas will be appreciated.


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You will probably also notice the crashing if you choose to update the video driver to the latest driver version. ATI just released an update on Sept 14th.

The vectorcashing is directly linked to the video driver functionality. By turning that off, you are not taking full advantage of the video card, hence the likelihood that the problem was eliminated when that feature was turned off.

You should be able to turn it back on after updating the video driver.

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